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The x1 is basically a Presentation Tool that can be used with your own Sessions that are basically Scenes where you can first Welcome for your Spectators, show a Summary of your Presentation and then Finalize with a other Scene.
During the Presentation Process we have three parts call Context, Target and Metrics. It is also possible that your Spectator to see your Sponsor Environments, like example as Gallery Content Galleries, China Telecom, Projects with WebXR or others Sponsors that you can close some deal for a better Presentation! :)

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Unlock hidden value in your network to find better Presentations with the world’s most advanced cloud insight engine.

Our History

Nothing can be changed from the past.

  1. Startups Highlighted by the Mayor of Campo Bom


    Entrepreneur of the Year.

  2. Feevale Techpark & University


    Member of the Parque Business Administration Committee.

  3. XR Qualcomm & Pico Contest


    International Contest Winner (non-game category).

  4. Startout Brasil Program


    Selection for Mission China by Apex, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economy, Anprotec and Sebrae.

  5. Xinchuang Technology International Signing Ceremony with Mespper





    (for x5 version, soon)



    NEWS: 初创企业Mespper在中国签署了另一项合作伙伴关系. (for x5 version, soon)